Raccoons in the attic, et al

Spring is here and the phone is jumping. Young of the year are born and almost ready to venture out into the world. Calls for baby woodchucks (groundhogs) have started as well as raccoons in the attic or chimney. Juvenile gray squirrels have been keeping me busy for a couple of weeks. Birds, especially sparrows, are getting into every hole imaginable. From now on, throughout the summer, bats and every other wild animal that reside in houses will be making themselves known. I haven’t seen any “juvie” skunks yet, but I know they are ready to follow their mothers on nightly foraging trips.

Today I removed three raccoon pups from a box in an attic in East Lyme. The mother ran off into an inaccessible corner of the attic and would not be prodded out. Traps await her exit.  I set some traps for gray squirrels in an attic too. I closed up a skunk job, that produced an opossum but no skunks. And a follow up visit to a customer that had raccoons in her attic last week, but the “footsteps” she heard turned out to be some loose vinyl siding that was slapping the soffet in the wind. The raccoons drove her crazy and she was terribly concerned that they had come back.

Tomorrow is another busy day, setting for more gray squirrels, two sparrow services, and hopefully picking up the mama coon and gray squirrels from today’s jobs. If anything interesting comes up, I’ll try to remember to take some pictures.



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