Wood Duck in the Fireplace

Over the years, I have removed a variety of birds from chimneys, fireplaces and wood stoves. Today the call was for a Crow in a fireplace. Once I arrived on site, the homeowner corrected his identification and said it was a Mourning Dove. At first I was disappointed, because I haven’t taken a Crow from a chimney yet. But Mourning Doves are cool too. As I approached the fireplace, I could see a bird bigger than a Dove, which quickly brought a smile to my face. It was a Wood Duck hen. I love removing Woodies. They are a beautiful bird, and in my experience, the only duck that goes into a chimney. As a tree nesting duck, I’m sure they just confuse an open chimney top with a hollow tree. This duck was quite alive and hissed at me a little as I tried to grab it. Once caught, I took a couple extra photos and released it on site. She didn’t stick around, and quickly navigated through the trees on her way to freedom.



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